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A 1000 Thanks for 1000 Moms...

Maybe there aren't quite a thousand who have mothered me but there have been a lot of women who have poured their cups into mine and made mine richer.  I want to honor them today on this eve of mother's day.  My own 'mothering' road hasn't been easy, some of these women haven't born a child in the physical sense but they have borne me in their hearts and in their prayers.  I wish I had a picture of each and every one, but I don't but I thank you all the same!

My first word of thanks has to go to my own mama who has been a comfort, support and sounding board for all these years.  I am so thankful that we have never had a time, at least that I can remember, where we were estranged from each other.  I loved sitting under my mother's sewing table as a little girl sorting buttons while she sewed me another beautiful dress. Now she sews while my little ones sit at her feet learning from her.  I treasure her wisdom and her amazing creativity and her slightly off-the-wall personality.  You have taught me much, living your life in front of me through all kinds of ups and downs.  I love you so much!

So glad she is my mom and my friend!
 Then there is this wonderful women who bore my husband and raised him up for me to be the amazing godly man that he is.  You have faithfully prayed and supported us these last 20 years and our lives our richer because of it.  You came out of retirement to pass on to my children your talents in music and I love that.  Thank you for loving me.
Isn't that just the most beautiful smile! 
This lovely lady is my big sister and she has done a lot of mothering since I was born.  I know I screamed at you many times and sometimes resented your mothering but not anymore dear one.  You are gracious woman to have put up with me all these years.  It was so fun having babies with you and bringing them up alongside you.  Blessings sister dear!
My big sister, Donna.
 These crazy women!  I am so thankful for the group of women that I hang out with in Beechy, you have added much to my life out here on the farm.  You are such an encouragement to me.  I am so thankful to have a bunch of ladies to quilt with and such.
The 'old ladies' cabin from Mexico Mission 2012!
 These lovely women represent all those wonderful ladies who held my babies so I could have a moment.  These three are all dear to me, have walked with me and helped my heart grow up into the woman that I am. (and Heather introduced me to my husband, I am forever grateful!)
Lovely ladies holding babies!  Love you Heather, Lloanne and Dianne.
 Where would we be without those women who have gone before us to show us how it's done, encourage us along the way and give us a pat on the back once in awhile.
The Blocks - so dear.
 I don't have a picture of this guys wife so he'll have to do.  Sue you've prayed down angels for us and asked us the hard questions then stood with us to help us walk it through.  You are a spiritual mama if there ever was one!  And that young lady...can't say enough good about her!  I got to mother her a little and then she came to help me mother mine for a season and now we just walk together.  Love you warrior princess!
Bill and Sherry
 Spiritual parents to us that have invested so much in who we are and where we are today.  Couldn't do this thing without you.
Pastor Terry and Wanda
 My sisters, friends and fellow mothers!  Linda you've been the string on my kite for ever so long, loving the little ones together.  Marilee I'm reminded of when I was grieving the loss of my heaven-bound baby and you whispered in my ear, "This too shall pass", because you knew how it felt to lose someone you love.  Carol and Holly, we've had babies and tears and laughter together...may it never end...
Marilee, Linda, Carol and Holly
Oh, you two, just want to squeeze you both.  Second parents to those two little guys who look up to you and love you soooooooooooo much!  May you soon know the joy of being first-hand parents! So excited to walk the journey with you, God has exciting things planned for you, I know it!!
Andrew and Camille and my guys who look so little!!  An old picture for sure!
There are so many more mamas that I love!  Like all the aunties who have prayed and been interested and sent practical gifts here and there you are so precious!  All my sisters-in-love with whom I've laughed and cried and had oh so many deep discussions.  My newer friends that I'm beginning to know better as we walk this road through the teenage years together.  And those who don't want to have the spotlight turned on them who bless my heart in such practical ways, like giving me an Accuquilt because you weren't using it and thought I might like it.  Ladies you are my sisters and my friends and my mamas.  This mother's day may you each feel the presence and touch of God on your life this mother's day and each day henceforth.  You are gold!  And if you've read this and wondered why I forgot to mention you don't be alarmed, I love you and value your friendship and prayers and mentoring over the years.

Have a fresh-picked day

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