Thursday, May 31, 2012


The last two weeks have been filled with data entry, numbers and computer screens.  Accounting is an extremely left-brained activity that doesn't fit very well into my right-brained self.  There isn't anything pretty to look at, there's nothing to re-arrange, there isn't anything poetic, there are just numbers and a lot of paper.  However, accounting has it's place in this world.  It's the thing that gives you that big ol' reality check that none of us really likes but has to be done.

I can't wait for the moment when we hand over everything to the accountant and he goes through everything with a fine-tooth comb and announces the verdict (only because it means that I'm done my job).  Accounting tells you exactly what has been going on in your bank account.  It tells you exactly what you've done with what you had over the last year.  It can be very painful, especially if you haven't really been paying attention to what's going on, chosen to ignore the truth of your bank balance or pretended not to notice what was really going on with your finances.  On the other hand it can simply be a confirmation of what you already knew.  If you have one more hand to offer you can have a pleasant surprise at the end of the day where your net worth is actually a lot better than you thought it might be.

Whether we like it or not accounting has to be done, we can procrastinate and put it off, pretend like we don't have to do it or ignore it all together but one day the government will call you to give an account for your assets and liabilities and demand its due.  The government has the right to audit your accounting to see if you've told the truth about what you've been up to all these years.  An audit can be a nail-biting affair, especially if you have something to hide.  I have bad news, all of us are going to be audited one day...and not by the government.

God is the grand-daddy of all bookkeepers!  It says in His word that each of us will be required to give an account for what we've done with what we've been given - the good, bad and the ugly.  God doesn't lose statements or receipts, His bookkeeping is perfect and He doesn't forget where that deposit came from or what we bought at this or that store and whether or not it was personal or a business expense.  He has all that covered.  Whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not, we will be called to account, our lives are going to be audited and we will have to answer for all we've done.

Thank God for GRACE!!  All the screw-ups, sins of omission and those I did quite deliberately are written down for all to see...yet when I repent and plead for Jesus' blood to cover those sins, they are wiped away as if they never existed.   I have no Grace eraser in my accounting program but I have one with my Saviour.  I can be confident that when I stand before my God that there is one who speaks on my behalf.  I know that I can't hide anything because it's already been seen.  I can't hope that my good will outweigh my bad because there is no hope in that, I couldn't possibly keep track.  My hope is in Jesus Christ and the power of the resurrection.

How then shall I live?  Like one who is forgiven and free.  I need to keep my books up to date, to quickly repent when I see that I am on a wrong path so that a corresponding entry can be entered on the forgiveness side.  I need to keep my life in balance, constantly checking with my Accountant to see where I am at.  I want to keep a great looking bottom line.

Even though I truly hate bookkeeping apparently there is some value to accounting after all...I believe I may have learned something with my left-brain!

Have a fresh picked day!!

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