Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Deficit

June has been a bit of a bust so far.

It started out well.  I was helping with a wedding for a friend and things went wonderfully well, it was lovely and the day was good.  Things went downhill from there.  I came home to a boy who was complaining about a stomachache.  I can't say I thought much of it, I figured they probably ate badly all day since I wasn't home and the big brother was babysitting.
By 3:30 am he was throwing up and by 8:00am he looked a lot like Kelly did right before they took his appendix out.  We made arrangements for our kids and Sunday morning responsibilities, hopped in the van and drove 2 hours to the emergency room.  I didn't get home until the next Saturday night.  They operated on Monday afternoon.  His appendix had perforated and he was one sick little boy.  The stay at the hospital depleted me physically but gave me a nice opportunity for a brain break.  My only thoughts had to be for what that sick little boy would need next.  In between I read and knit dish clothes and prayed for my friend who was two provinces away sitting with her daughter while she recovered from heart surgery.
Having me be at the hospital for an entire week put us waaaaaaayyyyyyyy behind on getting our books to the accountant.  We worked like crazy people for the next few days to get them done....what little brain I had was gone by the time we finished.  I quite detest doing accounting, it is not something that my very right-brained self enjoys.  At the end of the day you find out how much money you spent that year on things you didn't need.  Financial deficit is very sobering.
I didn't bring my Bible along to the hospital because I have one on my phone...I thought I'd only be there over night.  The service at the hospital was rather sketchy so I could read the same chapter in Luke where it was stuck and that was it. I'm afraid I've had a hard time getting back into my Bible reading program after I got a week behind.  No excuse I know, but I need to get back there.  Besides that, we have 6 devotionals to do for the family camp we're speaking at in a couple of weeks.  I am in a spiritual deficit.
This week my dad had surgery, my daughter took her piano exam and a beloved aunty had a CT scan, yesterday was a write-off.
The bottom line is that I am running a deficit.  Not quite as bad as the American government but just about.  I am depleted physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  There is a lot of room for improvement!

I am thankful for some things that I would be remiss to not mention:
* the Fleuter family stepped in that Sunday morning and took on our Sunday School classes, Children's Church and our kids
* the Grandparents who took care of the kids, cleaned our house and did our laundry
* the friends and family who prayed, e-mailed, phoned, sent notes, gifts and came to visit
* the hospital staff who did such a good job of helping my boy through this very rough spot
* the accountant who told us we had an extra couple of days because he would e-file for us
* the siblings who came to visit their brother to try and make him smile
* the three gals that brought me into the Big Cook Off - the most laughing I've done all month
* all the screens that kept the energizer boy occupied so he wouldn't get up and do stupid things
* the church ladies who sent food over

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