Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Believe Some Encouragement is a Good Thing

This hasn't been the most encouraging week for me.  Things have been hard in our tribe and I am trying hard to move from feelings of failure to receiving the grace that is mine.

Last night my farmer/shepherd planned a lovely 'in-home' date and played the following song for us to dance to.  What an amazing encouragement to my weary, deflated soul...
take a listen, I think you will be encouraged, too.

And then this one:
Blessings, have a beautiful day!


Mandy said...

This Kutless song is one of my favorites. I agree--very encouraging. Prayers for you for peace and blessings in abundance, Lani!

Lizzie Branch said...

loved listening to those selections. Praying for you, today, Lani. Yes, grace is yours and mine. I want to choose to receive it more!!

Julie Anne said...

thanks so much for sharing these songs!! Music can be such a lifter to the soul!
praying for you today, friend and looking forward to dreaming God-sized Dreams with you!! :)

Laura Rath said...

What Faith Can Do by Kutless is one of my favorite songs. It's so uplifting, no matter how down I feel.

Monica Pruett said...

Praying for blessings for you!

In His Grip,