Friday, May 20, 2005

fresh flowers for May 20

One Little Life
(a memorial for our baby)
copyright 2005, Lani Wiens
a fresh flowers original

Flowers and grief are often seen together. This week has been no different. As we wrestle with the grief over losing our baby we (Kelly and I) are looking for the flowers God is going to pick for us through this experience. We have been given one already.

I did quite a bit of research on miscarriage as I went through the last few days. My doctor explained some things to me and the research I did confirmed what he told me. Miscarriage at this point in pregnancy is largely due to chromosomal abnormalities. That means that when the sperm and egg came together something misfired and pieces of information that were needed for sustaining life went missing. Everything can continue along until that bit of information is needed, when it isn’t found life cannot continue.

We have been greatly impressed by the Lord over the last number of months on the importance of good communication. So much misunderstanding, hurt and rejection occur when information is lost or miscommunicated. We spend a lot of time being jealous of the other body parts and withhold our bits because we misunderstood someone else’s bit. This ought not to be. All of our little bits are vitally important to the process of producing life in our families and in the church. When bits are missing for whatever reason the production of life stops and the life cycle must start all over again.

The scripture in 1 Corinthians where Paul speaks about being all part of one body is such an important principle to grasp. Each and every one of us is vital to the life of the church, whether it is in our home, in our neighbourhood or across the globe. God has fashioned each of us with an important role to play. As I lay resting, contemplating the loss of one we’ll never know I pondered at the impact that his/her life has made.

This little one expanded our hearts and those of our children, we were all hoping and dreaming about what our family would look like when he/she arrived. Because of the walk that we have chosen over our convictions about conception and life, this little life impacted others and made them consider their own convictions. This little one positively impacted the faith of at least one other person whom God told to pray at a certain time helping her realize that quickly obeying is vitally important. We now know what it is like to walk through this process and will have compassion and empathy for others who will walk this path as well.

That’s a lot of impact for a tiny life that we only knew for a few short weeks and never experienced the light of day. Each one of us greatly impacts the life of others whether we know it or not. We are walking, talking living epistles of Jesus Christ to those we meet and interact with each and every day. Let’s not only be careful how we walk but let’s do it with purpose, knowing that we can make a positive impact on those we meet. Let’s leave behind the jealousy and choose to believe the best about everyone we meet. When we hear something that doesn’t quite make sense, let’s dig a little deeper and seek to understand what was really being communicated. Let’s learn to listen both with our ears and with our hearts. Let’s seek to understand and to be understood. Let us love one another so that ‘they’ will know we are Christians.

Blessings as you walk.


Spunky said...

Hugs to you Lani, God is watching over you and your little ones. I will pray for you.


Sherri said...

I'm SO sorry for your loss! There aren't words...just tears, prayers and blessings for you...

flowerlady said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. We have certainly felt the love and support of many over these last days!