Tuesday, May 17, 2005

lessons from leviticus - cont'd

Well, I'm actually done reading Leviticus and forgot to put some of the interim stuff up here that I gleaned. it was really very interesting and relevant to current life. These are some of the things that come out.

1. Same-sex anything - really NOT a good idea. God is totally NOT for these types of relationships, nor for incest or beastiatlity.

2. Land usage - hmmm, perhaps if we employed some of these land rules the rape and pillage or our soil may not be so bad as it currently is.

3. The year of jubilee and debts - now this would be revolutionary. Land being retained by original owners, purchasing the crops off said land and then it reverting back at the year of jubilee. Once again, some serious issues in our country would be non-existent if we employed these principles.

4. All that infectious disease stuff - if you're sick - STAY AWAY from other people until you are well! That isn't rocket science.

5. Giving of the tithes and honoring the Lord because He is worthy and it belongs to Him already - the priests are taken care of , the people and the land are blessed. It is all makes a lot of sense.


Anonymous said...

#4 HEAR HEAR!!! Could you convert my husband to this way of thinking, please?

flowerlady said...

I don't think I could do it, but the Holy Spirit could...