Friday, May 13, 2005

walking by faith and not by sight

I've been on a bit of a computer fast over the last few days, I must say, it does free up a lot of time. Know what I've been doing with all that time? Cleaning!! Yup, the energy levels are starting to perk up a little and the drive to get it done has kicked in...why you may ask? Well, we're hoping to move, this is yet another fantastic journey to test our faith and see if we'll stick our faith where our mouth is. Here's what has happened so far...

1. We are perfectly content in our home, realizing it is a bit small for a family of eight but we can stack the kids for a couple more years yet.
2. We are planning for upgrades, renos, etc., realizing we'll probably still have to move in a few years.
3. Friends call, they're moving, would we like to buy their house?
4. Naaaa, too much work, could never happen anyway, we're self-employed - banks don't like us, etc.
5. They have us over for supper, we look around, we were told to go with an open heart.
6. We talk, discuss the house, realize if we don't try we may regret it. The house appears to be a good size, the yard is big, it's already survived four kids, the price is good, we have friends in the area - downside that looms up to have us run in fear is.......................not there.
7. We continue to pray and start talking to some of our mentors/parents, etc. They appear to be in agreement that this could be a good thing for us.
8. We're shocked.
9. Selling our house could prove to be difficult, causes much anxiety for wife and husband (LOTS of work to do to get ready to sell)
10. Cleaning and lists begin.
11. We talk to the bank, they didn't even laugh at us. We still need help but not as much as we thought.
12. Wife goes to a quilting thingy and a friend there says she has friends who are looking for a bigger house in our area, blah, blah, blah - looks like there is the possibility of potential.
13. Plenty of people are confident that this thing is for sure going to happen.
14. We're shocked.
15. Wife's faith is definately less than a mustard seed.
16. We may even get a dog out of the deal.

Anyway, here's the first installment on this journey to see what God will do. He's done some pretty amazing things before (ie. Red Sea, creation) so we'll see what He does with this...hope you enjoy the ride.

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CWG said...

God's work, done in God's way, will never lack God's supply.....:)