Monday, February 27, 2006

the embarrasing truth

I'm playing a little 'reality blogging' with RAndi over at I Have to Say, which I just realized is NOT in my sidebar. Sooooooooooo go over to Intent and you can link to Randi (there's my first reality piece - procrastination and forgetfulness).

I can't give you any nasty pictures to share because I don't have one of those funky little cameras that everyone else has. So you'll have to imagine with me..............

* it took about a month before we finally vaccumed upstairs after we moved into our new house.
* there are days when I am simply too tired too care whether we do any school work at all, so we don't - building Bionicles is educational isn't it?
* our back deck is a renovation disaster zone as well as the playground for the dogs to eat garbage, play with the recycling and generally make a mess.
* speaking of recycling - I only do milk jugs, pop bottles and juice boxes - haven't gotten into paper, tin cans, glass or anything else
* I feed my dogs leftovers from the table
* if my kids fall asleep in their clothes they stay that way, maybe the next day, too
* I often forget to remind my kids to brush their teeth
* once in awhile we eat chocolate cake for breakfast
* My basement is a maze of boxes and debris and will remain that way until I can bend again...
* I don't always cook vegetables with every meal - I figure if pasta restaurants can get away with it so can I

My brain is a little overtired from the weekend so I'll have to stop there...


Nin said...

we're all human man! You've brought out the embarassing truth in all of us!
One time my girl and I had chips and popcorn for breakfast, since they were still sitting on the coffee table from the night before.
I let leftover food go bad in my fridge because I hate eating leftovers but I feel bad to throw them away. Then I get up one morning and go into the fridge only to be attacked by this funky odor that makes me gag up my breakfast.
And, if you try getting anything out of our storage room, you've created an avalanche. Everytime my hubby go's in there, I always hear him yell "Ow! uh man!". (I just don't go in there. When I close the door it's like it's not even there.....)
Love ya sis, thanks for making my giggle this morning.

Nin said...

when are you having that baby already? I thought you said you wouldn't go past 30 weeks?

flowerlady said...

38 weeks probably closer to 37. we've got a few more weeks to conquer, sigh...

tonia/sparrow said...

You're funny! It sounds like you have a case of the common pregnancy blahs. :) and you moved on top of it - who could expect you to get to the vacuuming?

I think chocolate cake for breakfast is a must every now and then.