Thursday, February 02, 2006


For all my blogger friends who are eagerly watching the countdown meter above (okay so maybe I'm the only one eagerly watching) I need to warn you.

Cut off the last two weeks of that thing. I've never yet made it to 38 weeks and I'm guessing I won't start with #6!!! (Blow up a balloon six times and take a good look, you'll get the picture).

So we are under 10 weeks and counting down. YEE HAW!!

Of course this is the part where I start to swing between coming way too quick and can't get here soon enough. Oh the joys of being pregnant.

My sweet little friend over at Livin' Forgiven' just found out she's expecting, the wave of Hopeful babies continues. I believe there are a few more that could join the ranks don't ya pressure, but us old-timers have to stop somewhere!!


tonia/sparrow said...

So soon! This pregnangcy has just FLOWN by... :)

Nin said...