Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good Things

Martha Stewart doesn't have the corner on good things....

1. The day you finally start feeling human again after being sick for days and days.
2. Small boy curled up on the couch you just finished recovering sleeping soundly under a quilt you fashioned with your own hands.
3. Dog groomers.
4. Midnight McDonald's runs savored in the coziness of a new bedroom in my comfy rocker with my wonderful husband (the fries were still hot cause we live only 3 blocks away now).
5. Three year old teaching the two year old how to pray.
6. Friends coming over.
7. Good tea and ginger snaps.
8. Late night baths in my huge tub, building bubble castles.
9. By big boy proud as can be that he popped popcorn over an open fire.
10. Naps.
11. Good books.
12. Coming across verses like the one in the post below.
13. Beautiful fabric all lined up to make a new baby quilt.
14. Baby kicks.
15. Little boy dancing.
16. Little boy waving a worship flag and shouting, "Lord, bless! Lord bless!"
17. Prophetic words that come to pass in my lifetime.
18. Good friends within walking distance.
19. Listening to my husband lead our children in worship in our living room.
20. Successful heart surgery - healthy boy.

Got some to add?


Let Grace Rain Down said...

21. The smell after it rains
22. A babys first of everything: sitting, crawling, standing and walking.
23. Friendship that will last through the tuff times as well as the good.

This was awesome. I could write on and on but I will give others a chance :) but thanks non the less, it has blessed me so much.

Nin said...

24. Having your very first child with your very best friend

25. Puddle jumping in the rain

26. Listening to my child talk gibberish in her sleep

Thanks flowerlady, very good post.

RANDI said...

Lovely list!

I would add the look of my 4-year old sleeping. She snores a tiny bit, she snuggles and gets all warm and cozy. I wish I could capture this!

carebear said...

28. soaking up God's word on a lazy afternoon

29. eating cookie dough while baking with your kids

30. seeing how many family members you can fit in the tub....and how much water is in the tub when you get out!!!

gotta thank God for all dat!

CWG said...

31. The aroma of coffee beans when you open up a new bag.
32. The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, afternoon, evening...whenever.
33. Enjoying a beverage with a good friend.
34. Family nights with no budget restraints....Do what you want.

flowerlady said...

I'm so glad you're adding things. I love all your entries! Keep thinking good thoughts!

Princess Warrior said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement flowerlady. I just wanted to say that I miss you and your family. Now that you live so far away I will probably try to come over:)

Sonya said...

35. Great conversation with a long-time friend.
36. Son wanting to read "Jesus dies" over and over again and then asking questions.
37. Daughter's smile that lights up a room.

So awesome to hear of all the wonderful things in your life, especially the heart surgery results. Waiting for that phone call (wink, wink!)

LAMommyof3 said...

Great post! What a great reminder of all we have to be thankful for. How about:
1. My 2-year old daughter grabbing my hand and saying, "Play with me, Mommy!"
2. My son saying "I'm so glad God made you my mommy!"
3. Watching my children sleep.
4. Praying with my son a few nights ago and leading him to Christ.