Saturday, January 14, 2006

slowly slowing down and starting again

In about three months I will have the blessed privelege of meeting this precious soul that is living under my heart. The kicking is stronger now, letting me know that it is time to turn my thoughts towards preparing spaces and hearts to receive a new addition. I so don't want to be cranky and grumpy and growly - lack of sleep does that to me. I want this new house and this new year to be the beginning of newness in our family, of learning to care a little more for one another and others, to see my children's spiritual tent pegs expand.

And yet I flounder.

We haven't done much bookwork for almost a month. Thanks to a conversation with Care Bear this afternoon I realized that doesn't mean they aren't learning anything. The videos have been thick around here, sometimes the only thing that gives me a little quiet space to think - and yet I hate that thing and want it out of my house, or at least relegated to the basement. (and to think I almost considered getting cable - silly girl).

Then my thoughts wander back to my new baby, coming soon yet far away. I get to decorate a nursery again. Haven't done that since our first baby and then only got to use it for 4 months. Vision of yellow, purple, blue and green swim through my head. Quilted curtains and loveliness. How will I do that, I don't know, but I'll hand it over to my Grand Designer and see what He helps me do and then I'll leave the rest.

I started making the new covers for my couches last night. They look so nice - red plaid, soft greens - lovely, covering up the stains and spills, crisp and clean.

Unpacking is coming along very nicely. A dear friend came today and put books on shelves, cuddled my babies and let me sleep. What a blessing. My heart is so full, but I think that's all I'll say here.


carebear said...

awwww....(in a chelsea sort of voice)
You are doing amazingly well considering moving, being preggy, homeschooling, surgery for your baby boy, self employed, 5 other kids, ........etc etc....
My hat is off to you and my heart in awe of the God in you!

See you thursday :)

tonia/sparrow said...

You are doing fabulous. Rest. Everything will even out soon.

It's nice to read of your quiet, grateful heart.

Bless you,

BayouMaMa2 said...

You are amazing! Whew! Sounds like you have a lot going on. Moving is enough all by itself. Wish I weren't thousands of miles away...I'd love to help. I feel like I know all of you...CareBear and Moose are awesome people. What a reunion we will have in heaven!