Monday, January 02, 2006

Moving Diaries #1

It's already DAY 5 of our moving adventure. What has happened so far...

Day 1 - We met with our friends and the real estate agent to go over details and sign papers, we sit around stunned and amazed... Go to friend's for supper...yeah for spaghetti and meatsauce and spiritual parents.

Day 2 - Head to my husband's family farm for another Christmas gathering, leave some children there. (Thank you Grandpa and Grandma)

Day 3 - Kelly gets paperwork to the bank. A couple of friends come over and the packing begins. I realize that lifting boxes is not a good idea for a very pregnant woman. Ouchie. Find out that two young men (9 and 10 years old) can pack a playroom up without supervision - way to go guys!

Day 4 - More packing and preparation. Rugs come out, paint goes on, Kelly works furiously at finishing a client's piano repairs. I find out that having a friend who works for the military in supply distribution is a HUGE asset (boxes, tape and knowledge of packing tips).
Head to friends for a new year's party, stay up waaaaaaaaaaaay too late playing The Farming Game and eating food. (I won!!!!)

Day 5 - Go to church. SOOOOOOO good to be with the part of the body we call family. Rest and relax with kids. Clean like crazy in the evening and pack more stuff so people can look at our house on Monday.

Day 6 (Today) - Go to the fabric store and purchase the most beautiful fabrics for re-covering our couches that are badly stained at REALLY good prices! YIppee, I know what my first sewing project is for the year, I can hardly unwait to create my sewing room.

Go to the carpet store to pick up samples.
Get groceries.
Try not to do anything that will hurt my back.
Do a whole bunch of laundry, again.

HINT: If you have young children DO NOT purchase furniture with dark solid colors unless it is leather. Your furniture will become like ours, navy blue, the color of dried snot and light spots where the old snot and spills have been scrubbed out.

Tomorrow, we should hear from the bank to see if this whole deal is approved.


tonia/sparrow said...


Did it get approved? You're killing me here! :)

flowerlady said...

YOu and me both sister! Apparently these human creatures can only work so fast...