Thursday, December 29, 2005

almost there

This journey has been a most interesting one. I can't give all the details yet as we're off to another family Christmas celebration. However, I can say this. I stand in awe of how God can move things without my help! He's really very capable of handling things without me, amazing as that may seem. Even my incredible administrative capabilities don't hold a candle to how our Creator can manage myriads of details and make things move when He decides it's time.

We signed papers yesterday. Now we have to wait for the bank's okay and we are on our way. Possession date is January 15th, though we have freedom to be in before that, we've actually had the keys for quite some time but not the freedom to possess the land. So close. Not far.

I got worried for a few seconds that perhaps something would go wrong now and I'd be in for yet another big disappointment in my life (has God every REALLY disappointed me? - only in my expectations and vain imaginings). I've been reading a series of books by Liz Curtis Higgs based on the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah - I highly recommend them!! Anyways, one character says to another, "God has been with you this far, don't you think He'll be with you the rest of the way?" His grace is sufficient for my weakness.

We'll keep watching and waiting as we see how God will continue to move this forward. The letting go begins, embracing the new begins.......what a trip.

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