Wednesday, December 07, 2005


My wonderful husband has re-entered the blogosphere. His last blog refused to let him post anything so he just gave up. But he was inspired by Moose at Moose's Place and there you have it. All it takes is a little inspiration!

You'll find Minstrel's Musings here

There are a few other blogs that haven't been on my link list before but I finally got them on. Moose's Place, Firestarter and Walking Again are in the list.

Livin Forgiven has a great post on choices that you need to read - has me repenting for my rotten stinky attitude toward God regarding the house stuff. Forgive me Lord for doubt and fear!!


carebear said...

I agree! nin's post was a gooder!
thanks for letting us know about your hubby.

starting over said...

you found me out in the vast expanse of blogger world. Thanks for putting me on your list