Thursday, December 22, 2005

waiting to breathe

waiting to breathe
copyright 2005, lani wiens
a fresh flowers original

Have you ever had the profound sense that something is about to happen? There's an old song that we had on a record when I was a kid that went like this...

"I just feel like something good is about to happen,
I just feel like something good is on its way,
He has promised that He'd open all of heaven,
And brother that could happen any day.
When God's people humble themselves and call on Jesus
And they look to heaven expecting as they pray,
I just feel like something good is about to happen,
And brother this could be that very day!"

I wonder if that's how Mary and Joseph felt as they made their way to Bethlehem.
I wonder if that's how the shepherds felt sitting on the hillside.
I wonder if that's how the wisemen felt when they first saw the star.
I wonder if that's how God felt as he placed Jesus inside Mary's womb.

Did all the heavens tremble with the anticipation of this event....I expect they did. In the meantime, the vast majority of folks went about their daily business without any idea of what was on it's way. When the angel told the shepherds what they'd find in the stable they just couldn't contain themselves any longer. They spilled over the edges of heaven and exposed their joy for the world to see. I don't think they were in stately rows, each holding a celestial hymnbook. I think they were dancing and spinning and letting loose their contained exuberant joy! And the only ones who got to witness it were some dirty shepherds and their sheep.

As I anticipate long-awaited events I get just a momentary glimpse into the heart of heaven. I expect that heaven holds its collective breath each time a soul teeters on the brink of decision...waiting
.........will they?
.......please, take the gift, oh please, oh please
...........come on, NOW, do it now!!!

I can only imagine.

AND THEN, the waiting is over!

The celebration begins! All heaven breaks loose! God just gives us little glimpses of this amazing celebration that our frail bodies can handle by allowing us these 'gifts' of waiting - for the birth of children, a spouse, an answer to prayer. When these things come to pass the joy is so intense we can hardly contain it, we weep, we laugh, we jump up and down, we hug everyone in sight and announce the great thing that has just happened. We think we have huge celebrations when we are through waiting and begin to breathe again but our limited celebrating techniques cannot compare to the glory of heaven hosting a gala affair.

So while you wait in anticipation to open your gifts this Christmas, or wait for that answer to prayer, don't forget that all of heaven is holding their breath along with you. And when the answer comes......CELEBRATE!!! Let loose with your joy, let the world know how good God is and what He has done, I don't think He'll mind you going on a little!

Merry Christmas all, and see you next year. I hope your celebrations are joyous.

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tonia/sparrow said...

I am anticipating your answer to prayer!

Wonderful post. I will think about Mary and Joseph rejoicing...and rejoice with them.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!