Wednesday, December 07, 2005

a little life lesson today, otherwise known as a flower

My seven year old sometimes gives way to irrational fears. Some days he conquers them and some days he doesn't. Today he didn't. I wanted him to take the bread down to the freezer. He wanted me to go with him. Of course, in my brain, going with him would completely defeat the purpose of sending him to do the job. Couldn't someone come with him? Everyone was busy doing something. Just go down the flippin' stairs, I'm thinking to myself. He wouldn't. I told him to remember that Jesus was with him and would help him conquer fear. This didn't help, he decides that Jesus was just a man and can't help him. Just take the bread down!!! He throws it on the floor. Fine, I'll do it myself and there'll be consequences for you buster. I'll do the job, I'll do it he yells. Too late, says I.

Later, after he's calmed down he comes and I ask him if he's learned something here. Of course, he doesn't see any lessons to be had. Here it is folks - in follow up to Nin's post on choices....when we choose to believe a lie - that Jesus isn't who he said he is, that He can't possibly help me through my fear, etc., etc. we can get ourselves disqualified from doing that job that God appointed us to do in the first place. Sometimes we get a break - Moses whines and cries that he is not the man for the job until God gets fed up and sends Aaron along to help, but Moses still gets the credit. But sometimes, we don't, Saul for example, he was the annointed king, he gave way to fears, doubts and anxieties to the point that the Spirit left him, he got fired.

My son will have to live with the consequences of his disobedience and the lies he believed today, fortunately for him, it won't be a life-altering thing, but you never know.

God not only wants us to follow Him, but He wants us to fear Him, stand in awe of Him, be amazed by His power and presence and ability to do whatever He wants. This is the God I serve, He made me and knows what I'm capable of, if He's asking, I better hop to it, knowing that He will enable me to do whatever He has asked.

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Nin said...

wow, totally. God has been speaking these very words over me for a while now, some days I get it, other days I feel like I've missed the boat. Let's keep getting up and brushing eachother off, and we'll make it down those basement stairs.
blessings on your day :)