Saturday, June 03, 2006

fresh flowers for June 3

scattered wildflowers
non original thoughts

Getting to this spot to write has NOT been easy. Our main computer bit the dust and so did I in a manner of speaking. But God is faithful and He has refreshed me with His word and so I wanted to share some of the seeds and transplants that have landed on the soil of my heart. I pray my soil is fertile and that yours will be as well.

Wildflower 1
It is a wonderfully pleasant aroma to our Father when we exercise our faith and believe what He says. Faith without works is a dead thing, not producing life. Stacey Campbell was speaking at a conference in our fair city last weekend and this was her message. "Take it up a level!" Believe God for more of His Spirit at work in you.

Wildflower 2
We are in a war and we had better be prepared to fight. This is no time for spiritual coasting. If we are coasting we will not be in tune with God, we will cease to hear His voice (I know this from personal experience). The intimacy that comes from spending time with Him will fade. When we are actively seeking His guidance, walking through the battlefield we will meet with Him.

Wildflower 3
Be anxious for nothing and LIGHTEN UP! Not only do we need to lighten up in the aspect of not taking ourselves so seriously, we need to lighten up as in casting our cares on Him. Lighten the burden. In the words of Joyce Meyer, "There is an anointing on TODAY!" We need to enjoy this moment today because tomorrow will have something else to enjoy. I personally get way to intense and burdened with my load. I look at all that I don't accomplish in a day, and the many failures and messes that I've created and get downhearted. I miss the joys of caring for my kids (they don't seem to mind the mess - except when they can't find something). I miss the wonder of a beautiful day as I bog myself down in self-pity.

God cares for little ol' me, here in my little ol' house surrounded by my kids and all the neighbourhood kids, the laundry, the ironing and the mending. He is helping me fight the battle in my home and on my street. He is giving me faith to believe that the attack of the enemy we are currently walking through will be a war that is won by Him. He will make my hands strong for battle and give me faith to believe. He will give it to you, too!

Happy wildflower day!


carebear said...

today, the story of my life lately is how overwhelmed i am these days with life, being consumed by laundry dishes, and cleaning. I am in desperate need of wildflower 3.
Thanks i pray that i have the strength and the faith to turn my heart around and enjoy today.

Ruth said...

hi! i was "blog surfing" and found you. i wanted to tell you how encouraged i am by your post. it was something my little ole heart needed to be remined of....again!

tonia/sparrow said...

This IS the day that the Lord has made.

Thanks for the reminder, flowerlady.