Tuesday, June 13, 2006

fresh flowers for June in general!!

Where Are Your Resources Directed?
copyright, Lani Wiens, 2006
a fresh flowers original

My children tested me on longsuffering yesterday and I even learned something from it. Here were the ingredients to their recipe...

3 days of rain followed by a sunny day
5 cabin-feverish kids
2-4 neighborhood kids
1 pile of sand/mud
1 garden hose
1 large tub
1 tub
1 shower (remove the seal from the bottom of the shower door)
0 clean towels

mix together thoroughly until each child is covered head to toe in mud/sand, place 2-3 children in large tub and mix thoroughly with clean water (reserve 1 child for an extra special coating of the mud mixture)

When the extra mud child stands hollering at the door because he is freezing cold, remain calm, continue to nurse the baby, call your husband to see if he is coming home SOON!! and don't look.

Listen to your daughter take care of her brother's needs as she gets him to the shower and helps him turn it on.

Listen to their conversation as water pours out the bottom of the shower door and they try to sop up the mess while 2 other children throw water on the floor from the tub simply because it's fun.

Thank God that your husband is pulling into the driveway. Thank God even more that he heads directly to the bathroom to assess the damage

Continue to nurse the baby and keep your mouth shut because you don't want to ruin all the fun they had even though the mess is really catastrophic.

Put the baby down while you go to see if it's really as bad as your husband's exclamations make it seem.

It's worse!

The mess is finally cleaned up, the kids are clean and tucked into bed.

The husband tells you why the mess was so bad, the shower head was pointed directly at the door of the shower. It was like Niagra Falls coming out the bottom.

The Moral of this story is:

Resources and energy when aimed in the wrong direction create a big mess. (also make sure you fix the seal on the bottom of the shower door as soon as you know there's a problem)


carebear said...

oh me goodness!!!!!!!!!!
I love how you can bring laughter to such a chaotic situtation. When stuff like that happens over here....I am one of two things:
1. I am a party pooper and shut everything down and tell them that the mess isn't worth the fun

2. I join in the fun and the mess knowing that messes can always be cleaned later.

Looking back at each, I wish I could always do #2!

Princess Warrior said...

I love reading about your family. It makes me laugh, sorry it tires you out. But it really does makes me smile.

Sonya said...

Yikes! Way to keep your cool!

flowerlady said...

Actually I wasn't very cool when all was said and done. But I didn't lose it as bad as I could...