Monday, June 19, 2006

pray for us losers!!

My husband and I have determined that we are losers! In the truest sense of the word, we have been losing things lately and can't find important things that we need for our life and livelyhood.

As well, our equipment is in need of help, restoration and replacement we have had issues with:

* our computer
* Kelly's keyboard
* my sewing machine
* our camera (that one was an easy fix)
* our lawnmower - the electric one needs serious help and the gas one we inherited with the house doesn't really work either
* our van has been in the garage three times in the past month
* my faulty serger is now completely defunct
* our living room light switch makes it look like we have a disco in here when we're trying to get the light to stay on
* the towel bar fell off the wall
* the washing machine leaks and something is stuck in the pump
* the dryer squeals like a little piggy
* our son ripped the seal off the bottom of the shower stall
* our roof still isn't completely free of drips

So add that to being losers and we're feeling a little overwhelmed with life because life is messy and trying to clean it up is like shoveling in a snowstorm. I won't even mention the backyard and it's needs.

Okay, that was really depressing, sorry....I'm sure I'll find something to be happy about in all this, I'm sure character and faith are being forged and all that, in the meantime I'm going to get my least I remembered my password for getting on here, yesterday I couldn't....

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CWG said...

I have a personal testimony for you.
we have and are going through that. For 4 years I had no mower. Last year I think I mowed the grass 4 times the whole year. As for appliances well the grce of God keeps them going. We have learned through these things to let up and trust God to supply the things that he knows we need. It hasn't always been in our 'timing' but he has been faithful to provide, and he will for you also. I remember about six months ago I was feeling overwhelmed by my situation and decided to start doing things little by little. I would encourage you to do the same. a light switch is $5. Also I can help you guys with the back yard.
We will be praying for and with you in this journey....God will care for your needs...