Monday, August 21, 2006

down on the farm

Hey friends,

I haven't died or anything we're just down on the farm, enjoying life out in the country. There's a good chance I may never want to go back to city living. Actually I've never much liked it come to think of it...

Clear Skies
Happy Kids
Happy husband
sweet winds
good friends
Happy dogs

Yup, cooking, cleaning and chasing kids, that's about all I have time for right now. Harvest is in full swing, perfect weather for it, too. Breakdowns (in equipment and relationships) are difficult to deal with but everything gets repaired eventually.

Got some lovely #1 duhram, everyone's happy about that. Mustard is coming off a little sparse this evening. Yup, enjoying being a farm wife.



Nin said...

I think that role fits you quite well. :)
I on the other hand looooooooooove my city livin'.

Camille said...

we miss you guys!! but happy that you are doing well..

psst... i think it's durum??!! i only know that cuz my dad is a grain inspector!

carebear said...

I second nin. couldn't live without walmart and stupidstore down the street!
Not to mention pools, malls, and the corner store ice cream!

flowerlady said... it...

You could to live without just don't know it yet!! (hee hee)