Wednesday, August 30, 2006

on the brink of a new school year

If I was a parent like the majority of other parents I would be sending my three oldest children off to a public school tomorrow for a whole day. My fourth would be registered in a pre-school program. I could anticipate that I would have large sections of my day with only two kids to look after...if I was like the majority of folks.

But I'm not.

God has called us to home-school our two oldest boys (that's homeschool NOT school at home). He's also encouraged us to make sure our daughter is bi-lingual (French and English). Seeing how neither of us is, we are sending her to a French-immersion school. After we found a homeschool resource for immersion they encouraged us to leave her in the immersion school for several years so that she gets a good grasp of the language.

Our younger boys' education is still a mystery to us that has not been revealed...but they won't be going to pre-school.

Today, I would have gladly sent them all off just to have a little time to myself. If any of you reading this have ever experienced harvest-time on the farm you'll know that time to yourself does not exist, there is always something to do. When you have six children who invite their friends over, there is always something to do. When you have a toddler and a nursing baby there is always something to do. Needless to say I'm a little under the game. Not excited about school starting on any front - that girlie of mine would be sooooooooo easy to teach at home, she does math for fun, pages and pages of it. She's figuring out how to read and write on her own because she wants to. I'm here with the tough cookies. One who is motivated in some things and dragging his heels on others. One who is co-operative very seldom and motivated to learn things I'd rather he didn't know.

Am I a little tired and discouraged? Is this flower a tad droopy? Yup. And my friend, lover and confidante is on a combine hours away, so I can't talk to him. Guess that leaves me with the Lord to talk to, which is a pretty good thing to be left with.. maybe I'll learn something.......


Sonya said...

I have a friend who I just found out is bilingual and knows some Spanish too. You are giving Abby a great gift.

We have at least a year ahead of us of two and soon three kids at home. We're looking forward to making our basement and yard fun places for them to be.

May you have a rich and rewarding year, Lani!

carebear said...

I was hoping to start my school year off with a big huge burst of energy and enthusiasm as well. I'm glad to know, i'm not alone. I'm plugging away, getting things ready, but I need more fire. I need more spunk. I think I need to know and be still with my purposes that God has given me. You my dear must be a busy lady! On the farm, and trying to get a school year started with 2 boys and 2 toddler boys....and baby elizabeth....
i keep telling myself that this is the blessing that God gave us....5 kids, this house, you know, our "deck of cards" (not talking about fate at all...just the phrase i came up with)

We have to be gracious to ourselves this year. with all the changes, we need to remmeber what's really important in raising these little ones.....JESUS. and only him. As we live and laugh together, He will teach us.

Love you and it's good to know we are walking this road together. Call if you need anything...