Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Home from the range

My little sweetie is 5 months old! She started doing the watered-down apple juice this week, holding her own bottle and even went on to her first bit of rice cereal. She is so sweet and adorable...just look at those cheeks!
We arrived home today! Have absolutely loved being out at the farm. Happy to be at home now. I was catching up on a few blogs and my friends are talking about their homes. I love my house. It is a joy to be here. Good things:
My children.
The big griddle I got for my birthday!!
Plentiful tomatoes from my garden.
Seeing my mom and dad again after a long hiatus.
High speed internet - even light is better than dial-up....how quickly we forget.
Did I mention those chubby cheeks.
Getting asked to write articles for people who will actually pay you to write them!! Posted by Picasa

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Camille said...

man she is so adorable, and i think she resembles her mommy more than daddy! what a sweetie... when can i come pick her up!??!