Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Been Farmin' Long?

Since my big hunky husband was out a men's ministry meeting last night (was supposed to be our date night)...I had a date with my oldest son, kept him up ridiculously late playing The Farming Game - a remarkably realistic board game where you harvest various crops and can invest in diversification crops like cows and fruit.

My son cleaned up on me. Normally the winner is declared after a set period of time (who has the most net worth) or the first one to reach $250 000 in net worth. Welllllllllllllllllllll, when all was said and done my young tycoon had over 3.7 million in net worth. He just couldn't do anything wrong. It was so fun to watch him.

I did rather well myself with just over 2.7 million, my harvesting didn't pan out quite as well as his. He kept bugging me that he could buy my assets with the cash he had on hand (at one point that was almost, but not quite, true, then the market turned and I made some serious coin).

We have so much fun playing that game. Have had a few friends over lately to play, too. Might have to make a habit of that.......having friends over, playing games....way too much fun!

So anyone wanna go farmin'?


CWG said...

I'm in
We were slightly "addicted" to it at the mens retreat. It got to the point where we were playing while we ate.

CWG said...

I Guess If CWG is on that means that I'm on as well. Which would be just fine, being we had a great time playing it last New Years Eve. Lets set a date and then go to it and see who the next farming tycoons are...
CWG's Wife

Anonymous said...

i love that game! i have no idea why i have not bought it yet!!

carebear said...

me and the kids have started playing the real monopoly. not just the junior one. they love it! although we are aloud to put houses and hotels on right away, since we don't have the attention span to play for hours until all the properties are gone and making sure everyone has sets. the math is great!

sounds like a blast! if you think of us, invite us, i'd give it a try!