Monday, October 16, 2006

things and stuff

Feeling the need to post something. Not much to say. WAs down for a whole week with a whopper headache due to locked up muscles in my shoulders and neck from nursing. Who knew my sweet girl could cause such pain after she was delivered.

We have an honest-to-goodness mystery in our house. All of our kids piano books went missing. Between bedtime on Tuesday night and 9:00 the next morning they disappeared and no one knows anything about it. We even offered the kids a reward for whoever 'found' them, but they aren't offering anything up. Maybe the dog ate them. Kinda frustrating since we just got back into the piano lesson groove.

Got curriculum for the big guy! Lovin' that. He has to set goals for himself and then try to meet them each day. He's systematically studying something. His Social studies unit is on stewardship - I love it!! He loves it. We're happy. Homeschooling as a whole is going well. There is a lot to be said for consistency in small things. With boy #2 it's simply readin' writin' and 'rithmetic every day. That's a good thing for him, he's beginning to feel more confident and less contrary.

BIG NEWS!!!!! (no I am not pregnant.........but I know a lot of people who are!)

Jaylene Johnson
is going to be in concert at our church on Nov 4 at 7:30.
Price of admission: 0$$$$$$$$$ (we'll be taking an offering for her though)
She is such an excellent musician. And all this is because a dear young friend of mine liked her music and so she e-mailed her, she e-mailed back, etc., etc.

Anything else? hmmmmmmm...wanna go touch some fabric. Got a lovely little quilt developing on my sewing table and can't wait to cozy up under it. Lots of soft, muted colors, punched up with some rich blues and reds...yup, gotta go and sew......

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carebear said...

i totally know what you mean about those mysteries! in my house, we nick name it "the black hole" where nothing ever comes back. We just spent 27 dollars on our new piano cd for isaiah and we spent ALL day looking for it! It was so frustrating. Of course it was ME that put it up high....must have seen it on the floor.
this new curriculum for josaiah sounds very interesting. id really like to hear more. ACE right?