Saturday, October 21, 2006

Murder and Mayhem

This is what happens when you combine the following ingredients:

2 moms
11 children
2 sewing machines
2 quilts
1 deadline
1 pot of hamburger soup
1 batch of carrots that needs to be processed
unlimited number of Thomas the Tank Engine videos
uncountable number of Mini Wheats injested
1 dog
1 trespassing cat
1 neighbourhood kid
1 computer
2 dads (they came later)
1 chicken dinner complete with dessert
3 sleep-overs
1 evening of harp and bowl worship

then take away
1 mom
2 dads
2 kids

So........WHODUNIT....who was the murderer and who got murdered?

Those of you who know the answer are not allowed to guess!


CWG said...

Ummm ummm, Well Since I'm the 2nd mom, and was at the scene of the murder, I can't Guess, but I would love to here what your guesses are.
CWG'S Wife

Camille said...

all i can say is that MAN were those glasses cute on your boy #3!! LOVE THEM!!!

Princess Warrior said...

I am voting that the cat died and the dog did it, in the backyard with the jaws. But all in fun of course.

flowerlady said...

okay not enough people playing the game. It really wasn't a very fun game for the cat - he did get done in by the dog with jaws...unfortunately not in fun (except for the boys who watched their mommies get totally grossed out by the whole event)