Thursday, April 05, 2007


Possibly my last post from this physical location. I am surrounded by boxes and boxes and more boxes.

Last night my husband and I realized that we're beginning to get a little viscious and vindictive toward those rodents that are co-habitating with us. I told my kids a grisly tale of death as a bedtime story - that's what ya get when you ask me to tell you a story about mice. Later we sat quietly sipping tea when we heard Mickey dancing in the oven drawer. We went, weapons in hand but I think we only hurt him a little - RATS! Then that little thing crawled out from underneath the couch, ran across the floor to the safety of the other couch and had the nerve to peek out at us from over there. THEN, my husband gets large heavy objects and is prepared to drop them and make mouse pancakes. This is not conducive to have a quiet evening tea time.

So just in case you missed it...I HATE MICE!!! okay, gotta go and make the next to last meal in this house. Wowzers, did ya know we're moving?


Sonya said...

Welcome to your new home! How was moving day?!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Hope everything is going well with you and yours and that you didn't bring any little furry friends along for the ride.

Miss ya, banani!