Friday, April 27, 2007

Quick Update

For those of you waiting for word on our life, I apologize profusely. It has been an adventure since the moment we arrived at our new home. There was a fierce storm with extremely high winds, we needed to cover the 45' cattle trailer so our stuff wouldn't get blown full of snow. The only tarp dad had on hand was a huge thing to cover a bin - it's about the size of a large parachute. Between dad, mom, Kelly, the two boys and myself we finally managed it but it was NOT easy.

We've been working hard at getting our house settled, painting, trying to get started farming, running back and forth to the city to finish up the music business stuff, getting the kids settled in school and trying to do all the ordinary stuff. Oh yeah, and start a youth ministry in the meantime.

Kelly had the opportunity to be a chaperone at the 24 hour World Vision famine that the SRC at the school was running - that was cool. Tonite we had our first big youth event - it went very well. We've been to the big town rummage sale, eaten at the town restaurant and have a local Co-op #. KElly even got his first farmer hat today! We've bought chemicals and sprayed a couple of fields. We also have grower contracts for chick-peas and Camelina - an oil seed with Omega 3 and 6 in it.

Boy #2 and Girl #1 are doing really well at school. Boy #3 had a couple of trial days to see if they could push him ahead to grade 1 - the teacher decided he wasn't ready (mommy wasn't either!).
We are still homeschooling Boy #1 for the rest of this year.

OUr first family night was a walk out to the big slough to see the birds. Hundreds of birds stop through our farm on their way north. They are very loud. We get swans, eagles, snow geese, Canada Geese, snowy owls, great horned owls, blue herons, robins, sparrows and crows. The boys enjoy looking for different kinds of feathers.

Kelly preached his first sermon as pastor-on-duty. OUr house-warming party is on Sunday night. and.........WE HAVE A NEW NIECE ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill and Tamara are expecting to pick up their little girl on Thursday this next week. She is just a couple of months older than Princess Peanut. We're all very excited!

I've only had a few meltdowns, but thanks to Harden & Huyse chocolate I've managed to pull through. It still feels a little like we're on an extended visit to mom and dad's house, the weirdness factor is still pretty high. We've gotten three bedrooms painted so far and some decorating loveliness has taken place which is helping things feel more like home.

That's all for now, need to get to bed!


Camille said...

aww thanks for the update... i've been thinking a lot of you guys. it sounds like such an amazing adventure you're on.. and i can relate to the small town adjustment thing... getting a co-op # etc. :)
how exciting for tamara and bil!!! so awesome!

we miss you but are excited to see you guys thrive out there!

Nin said...

Hey Lani and family!!
I've been wondering how you guys have been doing...thinking about you guys lots.
Yeah I bet it'll feel weird for a while. You should post pictures of your newly painted and decorated rooms! Would love to see how you've made your new house into your home.
Yay for Kelly and his new hat!!! Go farmer Weins!