Tuesday, September 11, 2007

why I hardly ever post!

I shocked once again how long I can go between posting. Blogging is so not a priority anymore, even though I love doing it and enjoy reading other people's blogs. How did my life get so busy? OH yes...

-we started farming
-we started pastoring
-we have six kids
-we homeschool a little
-we have 3 kids that are 5 or younger
-we have a huge yard and house
-we have a life outside of the virtual reality
-we have massive garden space
-we are in the middle of harvest

Okay, that ought to do it, don't ya think??
Seriously, I love my life, hate Facebook, love my life. Did I mention that I am now on Facebook - I'm convinced it may be a cult. However, in an effort to be up-to-date and hip with the times, cause 90% of our youth group is on it...I'm there. Can't figure most of it out, but it has been fun connecting with people I haven't connected with in years.

I'm happy to report that the canning is mostly done. The tomatoes are still coming but everything else is finished which deserves a PRAISE THE LORD and HALLELUJAH! Yet another reason why I haven't had time to blog.

Homeschooling is such a fun thing with my girl. we've made butter, milked cows, are currently watching a garden spider catch and eat flies, and are having fun learning pioneer-type stuff. The big boys are loving school. Sam began Kindergarten today. we have 7 kittens (Lime, Daisy, Nermal, Garfield, Tippy, Blue and Flower) they are awfully cute.

That's all lunch is ready, so I must go. Something profound coming soon, I promise...or at least pictures of something profound...really...


Tealady Tammy said...

it is always nice to read your posts whenever you have a moment. Treasure what is happening in your heart this moment...it only comes once. Blessing my friend

Fifi said...

Woah,.... I feel whipped into a frenzeeeeeee! teehee!
You seem EXTREMELY busy... do hope everything is working out well!
I'm on facebook.... and am hooked too!!!I'd love to connect with you,.... that is if you have the time!!!! another teehee!
Love Fifi

Nin said...

haha, you're awesome. You blogging any more often and I'd be concered that you had other more important things to do with your time.
And ahhhh.....facebook......
So I got these two emails from you and your hubby saying you added me as a friend? But I closed my account forever ago. I started one quickly realized how umm, non-productive it was, so I shut down my page. So what does it say to you? How come your still able to add me as a friend? Does it still show my page? I've been wondering this and wanting to email you and ask, but yeah, I'm not on facebook.
Homeschooling your girl must be a blast!!! She is so pleasant to be around.... Sounds like you guys are doing real cool and fun things.
Yay for the kittens....I so wish I could have one....I saw some in a mall the other day, waiting to be adopted by someone..... but my stinkin hubby won't let me.....I keep trying to convince him that him getting deathly ill from his allergies might not be that bad.... hehe