Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Josiah's Quilt

Here are some pictures of Josiah's finished quilt. He picked the border colors, the boy's got good taste! The blocks came from Periwinkle's Saturday Suprise Sampler for this year. I love these colors. My man child is planning on moving downstairs this summer to his own room and wants to use brown and green to decorate his room. The bottom picture is my favorite block.


Anonymous said...

these quilts are amazing!

Poulsbo flowers

flowerlady said...

thank you!

Nin said...

am loving your list!! :)
beautiful quilt!
good job on the walking and eating well!
love you! Blessings!
am loving the exclamation mark!

Carebear and Firestarter said...

awesome quilt!
love love love your kids.