Monday, June 02, 2008

28. I am so thankful for weekends away. A true gift for a busy mom. Yes I had all my children with me and not my husband, but I was at my moms......

29. Where I don't have to worry about asking to use shampoo or soap or even her moisturizer, I'm at home and I am free to do what I like.

30. I am thankful for my mom's long-arm quilting machine with which I quilted my 12 year old man-child's coming of age queen size quilt in about 3 and a half hours!!! (not years, hours). what a blessing

31. I am blessed to have a wonderful niece (actually I have quite a few nieces that are wonderful) who I had the opportunity to worship with during the offeratory at her church on Sunday morning, God's annointing was present and it was so much fun to sing with her.

32. Scripture that is speaking right into the heart of where you are walking is a gift, particularly when it comes from a place you didn't expect it.

33. A sermon on greed and where our true love really is...

34. Sunshine, warm on your face and a cool breeze, wide open grassy lawns where children are running and playing with carefree sweet

35. My dad and his enormous garden and generous heart.

36. Being reunited with my husband after not seeing him for 4 days! So sweet to walk through our fields, hold hands, come back and sip tea and talk about everything and nothing.

37. The school bus is a gift some days.

38. A knee that can now bend at a 45 degree angle and is getting stronger everyday.

39. Accidents that are far less than what they might have been

40. A little book by Robin McGRaw on life lessons that was inspiring

41. Excellent devotionals that get to the heart of the matter.

42. my youngest in the throes of potty training...12 years of diaper changing might possibly be coming to an end

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Carol said...

Wow. 12 years of diaper changing is quite a feat. After you've got him trained, you probably won't know what to do with all the spare time. hehe :)