Monday, July 07, 2008


I am desperately tired at the moment. Why are holidays like that? We're in between events today. We got home from family camp last night - how good was that time? So much fun. Tomorrow we leave for our Montreal adventure. So exciting! HOwever, the washing, packing and unpacking have left me a little tired.

65. So thankful for my husband, who's birthday happens to be today. He never reads my blog but if he did, he'd see himself at the top of my list today. He is such an incredible gift to me. He could probably count for at least 100 of this 1000 gifts list easily.

66. The gift of family camp at Westbank Bible Camp. A wonderful holiday for our whole tribe.

67. Sisters - the biological ones, the in-law ones, the spiritual ones - who can live without a sister?

68. My son who turned 12 just the other day - a pleasure to call him my own.

69. The incredible gift of anticipation as each of our children gets ready for their adventures this week.

70. Grandma Camp - that's were my three little ones are headed, they can hardly wait...

71. Dear friends who are taking the other two boys.

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