Friday, July 25, 2008

gifts (136)

126. fresh cherries - sweet red juice dripping, so good you just can't stop eating them
127. Linda at the Co-op for letting me get my apricots early
128. 38 jars of preserved fruit sitting on my counter
129. huge, yellow, sweet apricots, not those bland things that you eat and feel like it wasn't worth the effort, tast, sweet, yummy apricots, some for jam and some for canning!
130. The room air conditioner that Kelly purchased on the 23rd. Oh how lovely that was today with all my steamy cooking!
131. Decorations saved from another party so I could quickly make the family party look like a festive event.
132. The clean kitchen after the first wave of canning is finished.
133. The 8 and 9 year olds who volunteered to wash and stem the cherries and then pack them into jars, it was a joy to work alongside them.
134. My four year olds overflowing gratitude for doing the simple task of mending a pair of his pajama pants - that kind of gratitude makes you want to hit the mending pile so maybe you can get another round of that!
135. My new CD that came in the mail today, it has the most wonderful song on it called "The Gift" that totally speaks to my spirit - I love the song, so I purchased the CD - the rest of the CD is good, too. Artist - David Nevue, CD - Sweet Dreams and Starlight - solo piano
136. After a week of 'counting my steps' I realized that I average about 10000 steps every day, I thought that goal would be difficult to reach but I guess it might not be so hard after all.

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