Tuesday, July 15, 2008

gifts (94)

78. A wonderful holiday to Montreal with my husband and big girl.

79. A very cozy bed while we were gone.

80. Happy accidents that put us in the right place for Abby and I get to be able to get around easily.

81. History - such a legacy our country has, truly a gift.

82. Wonderful folks who took care of our other children while we were away.

83. Summer camp!! Christopher had a great time.

84. Reunion - it is such a treat to see little legs churning as fast as they can to meet you with wild cries of, "Mommy!!" or "Daddy!!" on their lips.

85. Home - often I take HOME for granted, there are so many who do not know the concept of HOME, of safety and love and familiar walls that comfort you and cradle you. HOME is a gift.

86. Baking bread in my kitchen, the warm yeasty scent rising up to meet me.

87. The pungent scent of fresh herbs picked fresh off my counter to go into savoury bread.

88. Kelly was taking time to worship at the piano this morning, I woke to the sound of his beautiful voice rising in praise to the Lord, in the background I could hear the tiny warble of Elizabeth joining him in praise - a wonderful way to awaken.

89. For a delightful change all the children were delighted with the small gifts we brought back from our trip, no complaining, no comparing...just delight....a rare gift indeed.

90. The gift of many hands to share the labour, the house is quiet now as Kelly and five of the kids are out weeding in the gardens.

91. Rain in July, a rare commodity in our part of the world.

92. Vibrant green and yellow in the fields, healthy crops.

93. The view from my kitchen window, green healthy trees, contented dogs and children playing in the soft grass.

94. It truly is a gift to feast my eyes on the familiar things of my home, listen to the hum of the washing machine declaring that we are back, feeling the chair beneath me as I write, tasting the fruit of my labour in the kitchen - all these things are a gift to a travel weary soul.


Sonya said...

So wonderful to read your thanksgiving...life-giving.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

i miss kelly's worship so much. his voice, his heart.....

i'm gonna put on new day dawning now.....(sniff)