Thursday, May 07, 2009

A good mom day (448)

Today was a day where I actually felt like I did a couple things right as a mom. A couple of moms and I were talking about how we are so NOT 'super' moms. But every once in awhile you get it right and you know I had a few of those moments and they were gifts.

445. I followed the advice of many sage homeschoolers and asked my daughter what she would be interested in studying in the fall. The theory behind that (and alot of scientific research) is that when someone is interested in it, real learning takes place on many different levels. As parents we get ideas in our head about what WE think would be cool to learn only to find out that our kids aren't that interested in it. Been there, done that. Soooooooo, I asked her, since this is the time of year I plan for the following year, get my curriculum together and all that. She thought for a minute and then a dreamy, far away look came into her eyes and she breathed out, "Africa, I don't know why, but I want to study Africa...poetry, are there any books about writing poetry?" So we looked in the Homeschool and More catalogue to see if there was anything to support her whim and lo and behold there was. We will be studying Africa in the fall and writing poetry. I will put aside my agenda and go with what the Lord has put on her heart, should be an interesting year.

446. We have been praying and wrestling about son #3's education for next year. He has a strong desire to homeschool and I had a strong desire for him NOT to. However, after our Bible study this morning and several other factors that couldn't be ignored, we made a decision, it might not be popular with our small town, but in fall, he's going to be coming home. When we informed him that we had finally decided the light dawning in his eyes, the smile on his face and the excitement in his voice assured me that this too, was the right move.

447. I went to the effort of finding a ball team for son #2 to play on. He's been desperate to play ever since he got his new glove last year for his birthday. He's liked baseball for a long time but there wasn't a team for him to play on. This week I found one in a neighbouring town. He's so excited. Today, instead of working and doing things I 'should' be doing I volunteered to play catch with him so he could practice. That was a good decision, I got some exercise in my body and in my spirit. Being able to encourage him and coach him and just play with him in a positive way was such a huge gift. I pray that this ball thing will be a positive experience for him. He decided he better start working out so that he could be stronger and faster, so he made himself a work-out regime, typed it, printed it and laminated it so that he can get ready to play. Watching him is a gift I'll treasure forever. God please let this be a good thing for him.

448. After lunch I was tired and the girls were tired, so we all jumped in my bed and snuggled and rested for awhile.

A good mom day, today was that day.

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Princess Warrior said...

You are a good mom. Thanks for making my eyes teary :)