Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just me today

I have to admit to blogger-envy today. I get a little jealous of people who are able to keep their blogs current and interesting. People who, through their blogs have been 'found'. Incredible writers, amazing journeys that are being made, lovely things being created and shared with others. My life is busy, some say insane, and rather ordinary really. I am not on any crusade other than to learn to love my God and those He puts along my path, starting with my family. Once in awhile I find time to make something lovely, but I usually forget to take pictures, and if I do I don't seem to get around to posting them anywhere.

However, as I look through scripture some rather extraordinary things happened through some very ordinary people. Most likely I won't be discovered in this blog, I am on amazing journey learning how to be a pastor's wife/youth leader/farmer out in the country, I do make lovely things, and sometimes I write something inspired. I am thankful to live my ordinary life in this very ordinary, out-of-the-way town with my ordinary husband who loves me. Today I am content to listen the the sound of my boys playing in the living room, the kettle signalling my hot water and my little girls' voices as they inform me of their plans for today. Today I will be glad to be me, take the moments as they come and find the glory in my four walls. I will choose to be me today, and I am glad.


K_I_T_ said...

Totally get you on wondering how someone can make it new and exciting every day. I am lucky to post once a week, if not less. but i still check in on you, so keep it up...

Carebear said...

I love who you are. i've always felt that when i read your writings, how inspiring and creative they are....and how naturally creative you are. I found your fresh flowers book the other day, it blessed me so much to read through some of the flowers you've found over the years!
it's hard to be just okay with "me" im there too....but i love you~~