Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day gifts

11:00 PM
Mother's Day
Began alone
Ends alone

Sandwiched in-between...
warm bath
handmade cards from school
worship practice
Sunday School discussions
late arrival to the platform
church service
random lunch
lovely nap
family birthday party at grandma's
delicious supper
much laughter and warmth
childish antics
refereeing disagreements
family meeting to discuss behaviour issues
bedtime hugs and kisses
gentle moments with eldest son, German daughter and husband
eating sunflower seeds as we remember the past few days
ooh and aah over lovely graduate pictures
giggle over little jokes
read a few pages in my book
enjoy ordering fabric on-line to complete projects
read sweet e-mails
find new blog
listen to the sound of the dryer running means my son can do his own laundry
fridge humming
clock ticking
house asleep
take one last look at the lovely plants I received today;
pale pink rosebush,
purple geranium,
pink begonia,
red strawflowers,
purple petunias - all so pretty - plan to not kill them
kisses from my sleepy husband encouraging me to come to bed
not such a bad day after all

plenty of gifts on mother's day

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