Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Defence of Rebecca Black (not the song, just her)

I have felt the conviction of the Lord on this one.  When I saw the video for the song, "Friday" sung by Rebecca Black I agreed with all the nay-sayers, the song is not great lyrically and the video isn't very impressive.  However, I must say I have to repent.
This little girl went about making her 13-year old dream come true - to record a song and put it on YouTube.  Her parents encouraged her, because, as parents do, they think she's amazing!  Did any of them think for one minute that millions of people would watch that video and that the majority of them would declare it a disaster.  I don't think so.  They were just doing their thing, fulfilling a dream.  And, we, as a society, shot it down in an epic way.
Am I brave enough to record the songs I've written and put them on YouTube?  Nope, so Rebecca is braver than I am.  I'm not too excited about my dreams being shot down, particularly not on such a grand scale.  I'm sure that little girl cried her eyes out all weekend.  Who am I to criticize her dream and discourage her from doing what she loves to do.  I will no longer sow judgement and rejection to Rebecca.
Here's to you Rebecca, I apologize for deriding your song and raining on your dream.  Please forgive me.  I pray that you will use this opportunity for good and that you will learn that there is more to life than partyin'.


Nin said...

I've been hearing all this Rebecca Black bashing going on all around me, but didn't actually listen to the song/watch the video until I read this post.
ummmmm.............am biting my tongue :P As a song writer..... I have no words :S
But I really like what you said, and totally agree. Following your dreams is HARD and super scary, I could'nt imagine if that happened to me.
Then again, I would write a much better song ;)
"tomorrow is Saturday....and Sunday comes after.....wards...." haha. Oh boy.

josie_12_wiens said...

the good thing is, she didn't actually write the song...but someone did...badly