Thursday, September 13, 2012

My real problem...

It's only a few minutes til launch time.  Today marks the beginning of 'the lesson run'.  Our social worker suggested that we get our son involved in some kind of physical activity that goes year round...enter gymnastics - the kid is totally built for it.  So, since we could only find one gymnastics place in that can accomodate us, I decided we might as well see what we can get going for the other kids.  All six are taking lessons of some kind starting this evening!  I'm super excited about it because I love to see them trying something new, learning something, exploring some new opportunities!  Here's the run-down:
Lizzy - violin, she's been dying to try violin for two years now but we couldn't see a way to get her lessons, there aren't a lot of rancher/violin instructors where we live!
Sasha - drums - think ANIMAL from the Muppets and you've got the picture
Sam and Abby - both doing Musical Theatre this year, a combination of dance, drama and vocal training, they're both pretty excited about it
Chris - gymnastics
Josiah - drums as well, he has self-taught for the last year and a half and is doing really well with them, he had one weekend where someone coached him and it helped him tremendously, we're hoping for great results with some actual lessons, the guy is good!

I'm sure all that information was just so interesting for you, but it's my day today and what's swimming in my head!

So, more thoughts from "7"!!  I've been asking God what I need to learn from what I've read.  The ugly, glaring word that keeps popping up in my heart is CONSISTENCY.  He wants me to get consistent.  That makes sense because, guess what, I'm so NOT consistent at, well, pretty much everything!

My vegetable gardens are doing okay but my flower beds are a mess, why, because I completely forget about the fact that they need tending, too.  It's not like I don't walk by them, I do, they just fade down the priority list behind the nineteen hundred other things that HAVE to be done.  So my friend came up with a solution, cement over the flower beds and install a hot tub...for ministry purposes, of course!

I am sort of on track with my Bible reading plan for the year. But I can go for several days and then realize, WHOA it's been three days since I opened that thing up or maybe a week!!  So, I'm always playing catch-up but I am in the month I'm supposed to be in so that's not too bad!

We don't own excessive amounts of clothes.  We do have to have two wardrobes because, hey, I live in Canada and it gets both extremely hot and extremely cold.  I would not be able to have only 7 clothes in winter, all the outer wear we need to put on takes up 7 just by itself (parka, hat, mitts, scarf, long underwear, extra socks, boots).

We do recycling badly, but we do it.  It kind of piles up in a corner for a month or two and then we have a big purge to the recycling centre where we actually make a few bucks when we take in all the pop cans, etc.  We try to take as little as possible to the dump and we feed our goats the food scraps.  I do make all our bread, can fruit and vegetables and we rarely eat out.  I do, however, buy juice boxes, granola bars and Fruit to Go, sue me!

We don't have satellite or cable so no TV watching.  On the other hand, our computer never gets turned off, we own Ipods, phones, laptops,  a PS3 and a Wii.  We like technology, a lot and I am constantly threatening to throw it all out when everyone is starting to sprout from lack of movement, but I'm just as addicted to a good movie as they are!

We're getting the finances under control, slowly.  We have closed the circle and are trusting that the coaching we're receiving and the new program will help us get out of the massive debt we've accumulated.

It's all about just doing the stuff every day where I fall down.  I'll be good for a week and then the plan will get sideswiped and I don't pick up the routine again for a month or two.  I desperately need to get consistent, and with God's help all things are possible, so just maybe, we'll get there!

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