Sunday, January 09, 2005

sometimes I wonder why I bother

This morning was one of those days that I wonder why I bothered to go to church. Not every Sunday is like this but today we visited my parent's church where my husband was serving as a guest worship leader. We have 5 kids that are 8 and under. It was a zoo. My husband was stressed from where he was, I was stressed where I was. We both could have used major massages this afternoon. I thought it would be nice if the kids and I accompanied him this morning since there was no reason why we shouldn't. My parents would help out, all would be well. NOT. The church we were at is considerably more conservative than our home church. And of course there weren't as many helping hands. And it was a different environment than our kids are used to. It was trouble from start to finish. Fortunately the before church and after church day was great. Just one miserable hour and a half. My DH figures that a big chunk of the stress was that we were so uptight about what everyone was thinking about our wild children and my inability to keep them settled for very long. (Anyone ever tried to contain a 2.5 year old without making a scene?) Oh well, it's over now, they're all in bed, sleeping, NO, in bed, YES. Think I'll go have a cup of tea and read a book - someone else's problems are surely worse than mine!!


CWG said...

I am almost convinced that whoever considered Sunday mornings as a time for coorporate worship did not have children. Although Saturday nights would have posed as a different problem. I'm glad you got through it.

WorshipWarrior said...

I can sympathize. And I find that my expectations of myself and my kids cause me much more stress than need be at times. Glad you survived to see yet another day. :)