Thursday, January 13, 2005

an unoriginal concept

At the beginning of this week my husband and I did something that we haven't done before. We took some time to make a 'plan' for each of our kids. Not just one with an 'in-your-face' issue but all of them. One by one we took a look at what the biggest issue we were facing with each child then brainstormed solutions and then asked the Lord to show us the right solution for each of these areas. Some of you reading this may be going, 'DUH', but for us, we're easily sidetracked and don't always persevere doing this kind of thing for our children. We've done it for any number of other issues but never our kids. And lo and behold we're seeing results for our effort. Here's a bit of what's happened...

Samuel (2 1/2) Biggest Issue - never sits through a meal, always wandering around, drives us nuts and makes a scene at every meal. Solution - he loved his highchair, would stay content for a LOOOnng time in it, but now it's Sasha's. We purchased a portable booster seat that is his and his alone!! He is thrilled. Is eating better, meals are less stressful and he loves his new chair. We're thinking of taking it to church to see if it will have the same effect there - defined space that's all his.

Josiah (8 1/2) Biggest Issue - getting ready for bed takes forever and then won't stay in bed or go to sleep because he's 'waiting' for dad. Solution - he has to be completely ready for bed by 8:30 at which time either mom or dad will give him 15 minutes of concentrated time working on one of his many projects and the 15 minutes of Bible study, prayer and chatting. It's working, we haven't seen him out after 9 all week and he is ready by 8:30 - a lesson learned the hard way on one night where he made a bad choice that ate up all of his project time - a few tears snapped him into place and he is a little wiser!

that's all for now!!


Sonya said...

Well done! Now if we can just get our plan together for Jacob's sleep issues! More prayer and discussion!

flowerlady said...

We are actually starting to do the WORK involved with the no-cry sleep solution for Sasha. Last night he was up for 2 1/2 hours. He is sooooo fickle about sleep and fighting it with all he's got!