Sunday, April 10, 2005


Leviticus – the fat thing – I started researching the ‘fat’ issue to find out more on it. I realize there are many books written on ‘biblical diet’ and all that. I’m not going to write another one, couldn’t be bothered. So what I’ve found out so far is what I’ve already been hearing is that there are good fats and bad fats. There are fats that our bodies need to function properly and there are fats that inhibit the proper functioning of the body. You’ll notice in Leviticus that it says not to eat fat and it also said to mix oil with the flour (this was most likely olive oil). In my research I’m discovering that for the most part we’ve been sold a bill of goods as to what is ‘good’ for us. Much of it didn’t have a lot of scientific research behind it. Lo and behold the research that is sound shows that oils like olive oil and coconut oil are beneficial for you. We don’t grow those crops in America so what did they do – they promoted oils that they could make and grow here. Unfortunately, those vegetable oils are almost entirely hydrogenated and contain huge amounts of trans fats which are extremely toxic to our systems. Anyway, it’s all quite fascinating. Personally, I’m switching to olive oil.

Babies – One thing I was thinking about today was that each family has a ‘load limit’. A friend and I discuss this quite frequently. Some people’s limit is 2 and some have a higher limit. I would in no way want to say to someone that if their load limit is smaller that they are somehow disobedient and evil that they aren’t planning to have more children. That decision is between husband, wife and God and I have no desire to interfere there. Our decision was made entirely because that is what God showed us He would have us do, realizing that we are then opening ourselves up to the possibility of a larger family. We’re good with that, but it took some time to get there. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that they are being judged by me for a decision that they have made. I would only want to encourage you to make your decision based on what God desires for you, not in fear.

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