Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Laundry questions

I'm listening to Dennis Jernigan right now which is doing a world of good for my soul. Just popped my head out of the laundry room to take a bit of a breather. I've gotten a little behind in the folding department and had to do some huge catch up.
A funny thing happened though. I got a whole new meaning for the word 'crusty'. I was folding a piece of clean underwear (I won't say whether it was panties or gotch so as not to cause any confusion out there) and here was a piece of bread crust that made it through the washing machine and the dryer!! Now THAT is crusty!!

I have a ton of friends who claim that they never do any ironing. How do y'all get away with that? Do you just walk around wrinkled and that's that or am I just that inferior of a laundry-doer? I always have stuff that needs to be ironed. I know all that stuff about whipping things out and hanging them up the second the dryer stops but hey, I don't live in my laundry room, that just doesn't happen. And then there's all the great cotton stuff that needs to hang to dry that is in definate need. Tell me your secrets!! I would like to be free, too. Or are you all just lying to me and you are secret ironers and just pulling my leg?

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Nathan said...

Got your message. :o :)