Friday, April 08, 2005

Lessons from Leviticus - #2

Another 'less than profound' thought from Leviticus. Actually, a rather practical one. DON'T EAT FAT OR BLOOD. Hmmmmmmm what is a major contributing factor to heart disease and diabetes, becoming prevalent in our children - obesity. The consumption of fat. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two about what NOT to eat. I know I'm feeling a little convicted.

ps - yeah, three posts in one day, sorry but that silly monster was defying me again over the last couple of days or I would have spread them out. READ THE ANNIVERSARY POST AND SEND ME YOUR ORDERS!!!! (please)


Threefold Cord said...

Hi Lani!
Several things: No, I didn't make the dresses. My mom did. I do love to sew matching things for my girls, however. Fun!

#2, Eating blood and Fat. Absolutely. If you read "The Maker's Diet" or "What the Bible Says About Healthy Living" this concept is fully backed up. We try to live by this.

#3, Birth control...we agree with you 100%. I loved hearing your story!

#4, Your friend with cancer. Oh, what insight she has been given. I pray that she will also be given many more years with her family.

Blessings! Holly

CWG said...

Henry and I have been talking alot about the old testiment food laws and we have discussed the fact that God was really trying to get his people to obey him. He desired to teach them right from wrong. This is clean, this is not...Eat this fruit ....don't touch that tree. I'm not sure if he was setting up a dieting plan, or preparing his people to be obedient. Also it all comes down to moderation. Obesity comes from gluttany. People enjoying food to the point where they do not know when to stop, or dont stop when they should. Great thoughts by the way.....