Thursday, April 14, 2005

a little announcement

I have a little announcement
something I'd like to say
that someone very special
seems to be on the way
some may think we're nuts
some may say we're crazy
some may say we're really daft
but no one says we're lazy
we wanted all of you to know
we're happy with our fix
so join us now in welcoming
baby number six!!

PS - just to clarify, no the birth contol post wasn't a deflector tactic to avoid nasty comments or to warm y'all up, we've thought that stuff for awhile and someone asked me to post it, so I did. But hey, if it serves to keep nasty comments away than so be it!! :) We're thrilled as pigs in mud, flies on poop, kids with get the picture....


Camille said...


We would like to say congratulations on another Wiener!

Hannah Im said...

Hey, a hearty congratulations on #6! I wouldn't mind having #2 in the near future.

robin sloboda said...

Congratulations Kelly and Lani on baby number six. Today, as I was reading through the last three days accumulation of emails, I came across your poetic announcement, and thought I needed to respond with one of my own. I am, however still numb from my experience over the last three days. Baby-G's mommy delievered a beautiful little man on Friday morning, labor was 28 hours long. "Sigh" I am exhausted and thankful that I was allowed to wittness life being born into this world. I look forward to watching this little man grow, God willing that is. Life is a wonderful precious gift. I will try to write about this on Potpourri for Thought.

Again congradulations Lani!