Tuesday, August 02, 2005

decision, decisions

Why couldn't decision making me just a teensy bit easier? Especially when I have so little control over the outcome anyway! Trying to understand what God's plan for our house is has been VERY perplexing (see that post a little farther down). We have three ways we could go. Three good ways. Three ways that have good results. Three ways that can further the kingdom of God. Three ways that work. Two of the three ways have plenty of support and encouragment from people whom we love and respect, discerning people. The third way doesn't have a lot of support but would be really easy. What to do? I hate making decisions. Especially when they're all pretty good choices. I feel like I waffle with the breeze depending on what is happening that day.

The one thing that I know is that God is in control. I'm certain that moving is His idea not mine. I'm just not certian what His plan is... The three choices are:

1. To stay where we are, not move. (not really a choice if I believe what I just wrote up there, hey?)

2. Retain the house and turn it into a revenue property, providing the bank likes that idea.

3. Wait for the sale of this house and then not have to care for it any more.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - could use some clarity!!!!

maybe we should take a vote................


rene the rugrat said...

I realise that what I have to say is probably the last thing you want to hear and unless it is of God it will also be totally worthless, but...


I know your hubby has issues with my attitude, but he can have his issues. About November I basically quit praying for own needs. I can explain what happened later if you like, but this is supposed to be about you, it is your blog.

Go worship or quilt or bake bread or play with your children.

If your house is to sell God will bring it to pass. If you are to rent it out that too will come to pass and if you are to stay put that too will become clear (as I recall moving was actually Sam and Vi's idea, was it not?)

It is amazing how peaceful and exciting things have become since I quit worrying about myself and have begun worrying about God.

In fact that is my comment to you, "Quit your worrying and begin begin worrying about what God is calling you to do right now." Is it to play, bake bread, quilt, worship, share the gospel with some one, or something else altogether?

I could ramble on but I think I have done enough damage for one day.

sparrow said...

Dear flowerlady,

I so understand your feelings, as they are my feelings right now too. There's a war going on in my head: questions, questions, which direction? and at the same time, the Holy Spirit: wait, don't ask, just wait.

I do not like to wait, not one little bit.

While we wait for the Lord together, here's a hug ((((lani)))) and a prayer while I'm putting away the groceries, that both of us will trust and see God's plan come together perfectly.

tiara said...

Hi there again.

well I just faced similar in feb. It is always hard trying to figure out Gods' will for our lives isn't it? Even harder when we want everything in our timing and not HIS.

Well, I will share what helped me. I threw my hands up and gave it to the Lord. For two years we went thru the process, we stressed, we moaned, we cried, we wanted to give up. And in the least expected moment....yes....our loving Father came thru. I wanted what He wanted, I realized that He had the best plans for me, for our family.

I am praying for you, that you and your hubby will walk in unity as you find the answers that Father God ALONE will reveal to you! I will pray for peace also.