Monday, August 08, 2005


The blogless one was quite right when she said that all she ever needed to know she learned while buying and selling houses. The last few days have been ones of great stretching and learning. Every day seems to bring some new element to the adventure. Great friends of ours shared a faith journey story with us the other night about a fellow who wasn't getting any clear direction on any of the three choices afforded him. They told us how God established him and blessed him and he didn't know until much later that (fresh bread break) care and provision of the Lord. It came down to trusting that God had given him enough light for the moment.

God has settled my heart tremendously. He hasn't made it one bit clearer about selling or renting this place. All we know is that we can work on the plans and paper that the bank asked us for. We can continue to prepare the new place for occupancy and we can start packing things up here. Once I let go have having to know the big picture I was suddenly at rest. Please don't laugh at me none of you realize how big of a control/gotta know the details kind of freak I can be at times. This has been so hard. There have been many tears and prayer along the way.

A dear brother has been feeding us a wonderful meal from the scripture lately, reminding us to embrace the road of suffering because it leads to glory. I don't know what glory God will get from all of this but I do know that it is producing something stronger in me than there has been before. He has carried us through all kinds of strange and wonderful (and painful) adventures before, He can carry us through this, too. I must remind myself that if He can handle Genesis 1, He can certainly take care of this bit.

I want to encourage you to go and read over at Holy Experience. This lady is such an encouragement, speaks to my writer's soul and touches heaven, too. God is leading me to such wonderful, uplifting blogs lately, I am so glad for this venue.


Meredith said...

I'm praying for you!

Just found your have one of the most BEAUTIFUL templates I've ever seen. Thanks!

flowerlady said...

My template is courtesy of my friend CWG at A Search for Truth. I am very technically challenged but it is from Blogger Templates. Welcome here.