Monday, August 15, 2005

more house adventure lessons

Now we know we only have two choices left: wait indefinately for someone to buy our house, or get off the path and stay where we are. We have learned yet another valuable lesson in the last week. This one being more my husband's revelation than mine, however, I wholeheartedly agree with it.

Once we get an idea, a vision or whatever you want to call it, we have a nasty predisposition to live in and for that vision. Unfortunately when we do this the hear and now stuff suffers. We tend to lose our focus, so keen are we on what the possibilites are before us. The bottom line in this household is that we are being obedient to Christ and that our family is okay. In light of that we decided that we need to concentrate on our present dwelling rather than on the one that may or may not come into our posession. Doing what needs to be done here; fixing the deck, painting the garage and playhouse, hauling junk away, etc. will benefit us regardless of whether we move or not. So we concentrate back on what we're supposed to do, be good stewards of what we have. Make sure our kids aren't getting neglected in the pursuit of the maybe.

Those are the lessons for today. Stay tuned for the up and coming news from the Wiens tribe.


the bloggless one said...

uhumm..(don't know if that quite translates..but picture me with my finger rubbing my chin and looking very wise.)

i think you have found a very wise path, my sits well in my soul.

Nin said...

Can totally relate to following a vision, putting aside my present responibilities in the process. Bless you both! You're awesome, and your wisdom spreads to many.

Threefold Cord said...

Hi Lani,

Thank you for stopping by my blog a LOONNNG time ago now! :)

It was good to hear from you, but I was very sorry about the baby.

I enjoyed reading your writing again.

CWG said...

It blesses me to hear your humbleness. I really....really...really believe that you are being extremely wise. The bible talks about learning to manage your own family well. You guys are on the right path.

RANDI said...

It is so easy to lose focus in the pursuit of the "maybe" because somehow it always seems more exciting than the "now". Thanks for sharing the reminder!

tonia/sparrow said...

This has been the "new leaf" I've turned over with our move. I asked the Lord for help in this area. I've been amazed at how settled, and peaceful I've been, and PRESENT in the now, when usually I'd be aching to get to my new life.

Good decision. It will benefit everyone. God bless!

flowerlady said...

All of you are so encouraging. You can keep us accountable to this now!