Sunday, August 07, 2005

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Chelsea at Lighthouse Forever

10 years ago today...
- I REALLY wanted kids and didn't think I'd ever have any
- I was married for only 3 1/2 years
- I weighed a lot less
- I worked full time as an Administrative Assistant
- I had a much bigger and more coordinated wardrobe

1 year ago...
- my niece and nephew were living with us and working for us
- we were really, really strapped for cash

- I painted my son's bedroom floor an incredibly bright lime green (we both love it)
- I picked beans
- I went shopping with Camille and bought things just for me!!
- Kelly and I sang at our friend's anniversary party - a renewal of their wedding vows - we sang a song Kelly wrote for me (a love song of course) and our friends Gilles and Lloanne danced to it

- freeze or can my beans
- attack Mt. Washmore
- tidy the house
- work on finances and business plans

5 snacks I enjoy...
chocolate, chips, cheese and crackers, grapes, strawberries or raspberries or peaches with sugar and cream

Best impression...
I can do an English accent pretty well (had to do one for a play I was in - a cockney maid)
I'm pretty good at Texan.
I can do stupid, goofy, blonde, etc.

5 things I would do with $100 000 000
- give a bunch away
- pay off debts (mine and a few others)
- finance some businesses
- save a bunch
-spend some on a few fun things for my family

5 locations I would like to run away to
- the Maritimes
- somewhere with rocks and flowing water and not much else
- Europe (in general), my relatives in Germany specifically
- I'd love to tour through Russia and see where my people come from
- I'd love to go on the 'leaf drive' through the New England states, visit Amish country then head all the way to the southern states and see the plantations and bayous and things like that

5 bad habits I have
worrying, imagining the worst case scenario, assuming, letting my frustration get the better of me, perfectionism

5 things I love doing
anything that includes fabric, particularly quilting
decorating and/or planning events that need decorating
being with people I love

5 things I would never wear
western clothing, ie. Wranglers, large belt buckles, cowboy boots
prim and proper blouses
super low rise jeans
ugly, outdated anything

5 movies I like
Father of the Bride (part 2)
The Sound of Music
My Fair Lady
Master of Disguise
Ever After

5 famous people I would love to meet
Jesus, can't think of anyone else that rates up there, when all my friends get famous I want to meet them

5 biggest joys at the moment
my kids (there's 5 of them)
my husband
writing the fresh flowers column
having a really good uplifting time with friends over good food

5 favorite toys
my quilting gear, particularly my quilt rack
my sister's Bamix (I wish I had one, I have to be content to play with hers)
my sewing machine
my computer
can't think of anything - somebody get me something worth mentioning

5 people to tag
Sparrow, Laconic Logic, Katrina, the blogless one - if you read this you can post in my comment box, rene the rugrat


RANDI said...

Hi Lani!

I like the flowers on your blog-very pretty!

I am a quilter too and the "leaf drive" is my #1 vacation choice. I have been to Amish country-beautiful but unfortunately a bit tourist-y.

carebear said...

never thought about actually SAVING the money......(sheesh)

the bloggless one said...

the bloggless one's answer to the tag!

10 years ago today...
-i was nursing my 5th child and wondering if it was possible to survive this stage in life...
-we were also living in windsor, and had an incredible church family to take care of us, since our "born with" families were all so far away.

i year ago
-i had just got back from a month of holidays in b.c. and was wishing that i could go back and holiday some more.
-Terry and I were painting and redoing my office.

-went to the dentist (no cavities yeah!)
-talked to yet another friend having marriage problems....yikes, what's going on here people!

-taking Robyn to the dentist to start the braces journey...she gets spacers tomorrow...braces next friday...

5 snacks i enjoy
-depending on the day: salty things, chocolatey things, carmelly things, spicy things, fruity you can tell...i'm not to picky in the snack department

Best Impression...
-i do a really good impression of someone who knows all the answers and thinks they have it all together

5 things to do with $1,000,000.00
-pay off my debts and those of a few select friends :)
-pay off my parents debts
-send my parents away on a trip
-send my daughter and son away England to school

5 locations I would like to run away to.
-the lake
-the ocean
-the mountains
-the farm
-my mom and dad's

5 bad habits I have
-not liking being found wrong
-eating too many snacks (see above)
-picking at my psoriasis
-being quiet when i'm supposed to be conversational

5 things I love doing
-eating out
-going for walks
-anything to do with making music with others (except singing in a choir - unless they're really good and we don't have to practice)

5 things i would never wear
-a bikini
-an earing in any part of my body (except maybe my ears)
-a tutu
-pointe shoes

5 movies I like
-princess bride
-princess diaries (but not # 2)
-ice princess
-air force one
-almost anything with harrison ford in it (except for that one where he's on the beach with that chickie who used to be ellen degenere's girlfriend)
-forest gump
-some arnold movies (but not all of them)

whoops i forgot to stop

5 famous people i would like to meet
-hilary clinton
-barbara streisand
-whitney houston
-kathy-lee gifford
-belinda stronyk
*-just because i would like to meet them doesn't mean that i admire them....i find these 5 people very interesting

5 biggest joys at the moment
-not having to go to work
-having all my kids home for the summer
-reading in my backyard
-playing my trumpet with Jamie's house band
-reading other people's blogs
-taking care of my flowers

5 favorite toys
-my computer
-my bike
-terry's mom's car
-my microwave
-my water sprayer (to water my flowers)

thanks for renting me the space, flower lady

flowerlady said...

no problem o blogless one - does this mean we can still be friends? hee hee

Gotta add to my movie list:
Cheaper by the Dozen (new version)
Star Wars is becoming enjoyable
Princess Diaries (1 more than 2)

carebear said...

maybe you'll have to start blogging in someone's comments. your free to use mine if you want.

it's nice getting to know you bloggless one. cause we don't have time to talk much other than here...
forest gump is a winner! like that one too.

sparrow said...

OK, I'm done! I'm way behind on comments and reading blogs, but I did get this done! Thanks. :)