Sunday, March 19, 2006

fresh flowers for March 19

I Know Someone Who Can
copyright 2006, Lani Wiens
a fresh flowers original

In the early 80's there was a gospel singer by the name of Evie. I loved her music and sang many of her songs. One of them had this line in it..."follow me, I know Someone who can." I can't remember the rest of the song, just that one line but it illustrates part of the flowers that I'm picking for you this week. In Hebrews it says that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. I like to picture this as a huge cheering section, rooting for us, I love that picture, it is so encouraging to know there are those who have gone before that are for us in every way. I also believe that God gives us a cheering section with skin on in the form of our spiritual family, both in a close way but also in the broader sense of the family of God. I was in several situations this week where I saw this lived out. My encouragement today is not only to be thankful for those who God places in our path but to remember that God is placing you on someone else's path.

The Director

I was peeling an orange for son #3 in the kitchen when son #4 came in and decided he wanted an orange, too. He handed it to his older brother and asked him to peel it for him. Son #3 lovingly took the orange from his grasp and said to him, "I can't do that for you but mommy can." So often we forget who we are and try to do things for people that we either aren't called to do or aren't equipped to do and make a mess of things. Often, we simply need to wisely acknowledge our inadequacy and say, "I know Someone who can." We need to constantly be directors in each others lives in the form of directing to Jesus. Point the way! I am not the answer to your problem but I know who is!

The Confirmer

We ran into some friends at the Home Show this weekend and got to talking about kids and school. We found out that these friends had their children in the same French Immersion school that we have our daughter in. Sometimes having her go off to school while I homeschool the rest is very difficult, though we strongly believe she is where God would have her be right now. This friend encouraged me greatly in the quality of the school and the teachers that my daughter has. She told me of the experiences that their family had had (and are still having) in this school. They have a high moral standard, though they aren't a Christian school because of their affiliation with the Catholic system there is freedom to talk about Jesus, and they do! She so encouraged my heart in the path that we've taken in putting our daughter in that school, though she didn't know that she was doing that. We need to remember to speak positively into people's lives, being encouragers and saying what is good and right. We don't know when we may influence the path that another is on.

The Corrector

Our youngest son is VERY two!! All those things you read about two year olds - he is. Active and silly, energetic and curious, gets into everything and likes to play 'come get me', especially when it comes to changing his diaper. He loves to climb onto things - like the top of the fridge and the piano. My hair is getting gray- er every day. Yet he is a pile of smiles and giggles and hugs at the same time. I spend much of my day correcting his path, training him in the way he needs to go and believe or not, that constant correction is finally beginning to sink in. There are times when I tell him not to climb up on things, where he actually doesn't!! Correction is tiring and repetitive and not so very fun most of the time. However, there is reward in it as the training begins to settle in. When we are discipling and training and walking alongside other believers we may have to step into the role of correcting. It needs to be gentle, repetitive and consistent with the word of God. It is a tiring role to play. It is not always pleasant to be on the receiving end of correction but God lovingly puts us into the role of corrector or receiver and we need to walk that path.

In all of this there is the over-arching principle that it isn't about us, it is about the kingdom of God. It is about pointing people to Jesus. We are here to comfort, encourage and edify one another and yes, sometimes to admonish and correct. We will meet people along our path who will do these things for us and we will be the people along someone else's path to do those things for them. It need not be overwhelming, we don't need to have all the answers because we all know Someone who can.

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Hi Lani,

Bless you for these flowers. It is a unique gift you have here and I love the title.

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