Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pick a day........any day..........

Just for fun I thought I'd throw out a little competition! Who thinks they can pick the day that this babe is showing up! My technical due date is April 26 according to that little counter up there, but to give you all a fighting chance you need to know that I've never had a baby after 37 weeks and 5 days, in fact the last two average out to 37 weeks on the nose (which would mean chopping 21 days off the counter).

So pick a date and whoever's closest will win a prize or something!

My #3 boy says one week from today (that would be March 18th) - little early yet I'm thinkin'
My mom wants March 22 (my dad's birthday)
My oldest son says 15 days from now which would be...March 26
My girl says March 27
My dad doesn't want it on his birthday, he says March 29
#2 boy says March 30

Sparrow is taking April 1
Carebear is taking April 2
Nin has April 3
Sonya has April 4
CWG's wife takes April 5
Mom W. has April 7
Husband says April 8..........
living by faith has picked April 12
Heather has April 15 - she figures that she'll bank on something unusual happening!

Pick your day!!!!


Let Grace Rain Down said...

I will guess, umm April 12. Whats the prize for winning lol. A healthy beautiful girl :)))) or boy :)))) that is the best present of all.

tonia/sparrow said...

I'll go for April 1st - April fool's Day. :)

carebear said...

I'll say April 2nd
Yeah, so what is the prize???
this will be fun.... keep posting the updates of the contest!!!!

Nin said...

ah well, 3rd time's a charm, so I'll say April 3rd!

CWG said...

Hmmm, lets see I'll go for Wed. April 5th. So then for us who then get together on our Thursday eves can then use that Thursday to come and see you and that sweet new little babe.....

Sonya said...

I was debating between April 4th and 6th. Hmmm, 04 04 06 or 04 06 06?! I am drawn to the fours. Put me down for Tuesday, April 4th. And I will come and visit you and your little one on the following Sunday!